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Cammy & Joe — Minted
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Cammy and Joe

May our Fourth be with you -

Book those hotels!

We are getting married in the beautiful country-side of Loudoun County.

Pros? Horses on the property. Cons? Unless you want to share a stall, there are not many places to stay.

Not to fear! We have not one, but TWO hotels blocked. Navigate to our travel page to book yours today!

Our Story

Blacksburg, 2016-2017

Picture it. It’s the first week of rehearsal of the 2016 season. Out on the hot turf of the Marching Virginians Center you hear whispers of a hot new romance. Could it be? Two powerhouse section leaders commanding 63 trumpets and 37 drumline forming an alliance unparalleled???

Then – you see an Instagram post with the ingenious caption ‘Gameday is extra fun when we’re good at football.’ The hand placement is unmistakable – it’s a soft launch. Cammy and Joe are officially the hot couple of the 2016 season.

Fast forward a millennia to Spring 2017. Cammy is abroad in Switzerland and Joe has been dubbed ‘Chipotle Guy’ by her housemates. How did such name come about? Well, Cammy has to sit on the extremely-trafficked stairs to get a strong enough signal to reach the USA and Joe is always eating Chipotle. She swears that one day she will return to Italy with Joe - except this time he won’t be in a screen with a burrito.

When Cammy returns from abroad, the two realize the universe is up to no good and they have fallen for each other (shakes fist at universe). As Joe sits in the freezing rain at his graduation, he prepares himself for the familiarity of the 47 speed changes on route 460 between Richmond and Blacksburg.

Blacksburg, 2018

The long-distance story is as old as time, Cammy breaks her foot falling off a table at Tots and Joe visits the next weekend to prop her up for Ring Dance pictures in the snow. As the semester rolls on, Joe finds himself fitting an entire 7-piece drum set into his trusty two door Honda Civic (Sally) to play punk rock. As I’m sure every couple knows, rocking out in fish nets at Jam Slam is just another milestone on the road.

Richmond, 2019-2022

At the turn of the century in 2019, Joe and Cammy are in the ethereal world of RVA, known for its hipsters, grunge and commutability! (Everything is ten minutes!) They are quickly charmed by their little River City and throw themselves into being locals. Cammy gets stung by a bee in Maymont, they discover Friday Cheers on Browns Island and the endless breweries and board games of Scotts Addition.

Four years in Richmond and Cammy and Joe have been dubbed ‘the coolest old people he knows’ by none other than Grant Cohen. They are avid sustainability advocates with a compost pile that attracts worms for miles and a garden with 6ft tomatoes. The rock band is still going strong (although less punk and more funk these days). The house has a VT-themed, Joe created, custom built bar that occasionally smells like saddle conditioner. Every room has been painted and filled with art from their travels. They are quite proud of their little home and fill it with friends every chance they get!

Rome, 2022

In 2022, Cammy made good on her promise and the two touched down in Rome on a warm October morning. The week was full of 10+ mile days, endless pasta and soaking in every inch of the history and magic of Rome. Nearing the end of the week, Cammy had a suspicion that their daytrip to Pompeii and hike up Mount Vesuvius might add some glamour to her left hand.

The day arrived and Cammy with utter certainty stated they must leave at 8am to walk to the bus pick up. They hustled along the Tiber that morning shaded in a beautiful canopy of trees. Something in the scenery made Cammy stop in her tracks – the bus left at 8am. She delivers news of the blunder to Joe and they have a choice to make. Either call it a day or get the heck to Pompeii. I think you know what they decided.

In a futile effort to meet up with their tour, they jumped on the metro, caught a train to Naples with minutes to spare, and then took what they now call the ‘death defying cab ride’ to the entrance of Pompeii. They discovered their tour is long gone and decide it’s time for buffalo mozzarella pizza and what turned out to be a 12/10 audio tour experience.

Futile effort number 2 arrived when the bus to the top of Vesuvius is sold out. At this juncture they call it a day and head back to Rome. With a death grip on the bag, Joe and Cammy skip another cab experience to take a regional train, to a high-speed train to the metro home to Rome.

Cammy has now realized that she’s foiled Joe’s master plan and suggests a walk to the Trevi Fountain before dinner. They put on some swanky clothes and strike out onto the romantic streets of Rome. When they arrive at the Trevi, the place is slammed – I’m talkin’ sardines – and Cammy shoots Joe a wild look. She says, “let’s…go to that cool look-out. It’s close to here!”

Off they go, with a little more pep in their step. 15 minutes in Cammy realizes they are going the wrong direction and have to double back. Now at a full-on hustle they speed through the streets of Rome to their destination. Hot, sweaty and on mile 13 of the day they arrive at the Piazza Del Popolo and have the place to themselves.

In a turn of events that absolutely no one saw coming, Joe gets down on one knee and Cammy says yes! After heart rates settle back down, they look off to the distance and see the glow of Saint Peters. That spot on the horizon is the amount they have to walk to get back home. Cammy turns to Joe and offers “would you just want to grab some pizza call it a night?” Joe looks at his new fiancé and says, “I couldn’t love you more.”

Our Never Finished Story

Here's the thing, we (the omniscient narrator) could keep writing this story for endless pages. To summarize the magnitude of experience that makes up a love story is an impossible task. The story is never finished, unwritten with each day that passes. It is beautiful that one day someone can enter your life and it is changed forever. It is as if they were with you the whole time, you we’re just waiting for the universe to give its celestial cue.

We would love for you to join us as we celebrate the writing of all these new chapters! You all are main characters, and we can promise this will be a weekend for the books.


Welcome Drinks

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM, May 3, 2024

City Tap Kitchen & Craft Loudoun

20376 Exchange Street, Ashburn, Virginia 20147

Everyone is welcome! We would love to hang out with you on Friday night!

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Wedding & Reception

4:15 PM - 11:00 PM, May 4, 2024

Sylvanside Farm

19606 Telegraph Springs Road, Purcellville, Virginia 20132

  • Attire: Semi-formal
  • Ceremony at 5:00 pm in Stone Barn
  • Cocktails on the lawn following the ceremony
  • Reception in Poplar Barn till 11:00 pm
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Important Information

Sylvanside Farm is beautiful and will provide an unforgettable day for the union of our family and friends. While we know you will love the venue as much as we do, there are very few hotel accommodations nearby, so we have held a block of rooms at two local hotels. We will be providing transportation, if you select to use it, to and from the venue (about a 30 minute drive), from these hotels. There is plenty of parking at Sylvanside, but you will not be able to call an Uber/Lyft. The Welcome Party on Friday night will also be within walking distance of these hotels.

Washington Dulles Airport (IAD)

Washington Dulles Airport is the closest airport to the hotels and the venue. The hotels offer shuttles to and from the airport and we will provide transportation to and from the venue. No car necessary unless you desire!

Tru by Hilton

Ashburn - One Loudoun

Guests can also book their reservations by calling Hilton Reservations (1-800-HILTONS). Mention the Cohen McDermott Wedding at Tru by Hilton Ashburn One Loudoun Hotel or the unique code CMW.

Visit Website

Springhill Suites by Marriott

Ashburn - Dulles North

Cohen-McDermott Wedding Block

Visit Website

VRBO & Airbnb

If you are searching for a tiny house, a grand estate, a winery or a working farm to stay in! Purcellville is the closest town to the venue. Book at VRBO or Airbnb.

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Lansdowne Resort

Discover your self and enjoy unsurpassed spa, golf and wellness experiences at our luxurious Northern Virginia resort.

Visit Website

Salamander Resort

Salamander Middleburg offers the refined sophistication of a luxurious country estate in the exclusive Washington. D.C. horse and wine country,

Visit Website

Red Fox Inn Middleburg

A pillar of the beloved Middleburg village, The Red Fox Inn & Tavern has been Virginia’s Hunt Country jewel since 1728. Standing proudly on the village’s main thoroughfare, The Red Fox is an extraordinary relic to bygone times, where modern touches and classic Virginian character fuse seamlessly to create a coveted establishment.

Visit Website

Gift Registry

Welcome to our Registry!

We look forward to celebrating with all of you! Being together on our big day is the only gift we need - however, if you are looking for gift ideas we've put together two registries at Amazon & Pottery Barn. We also have a Honeymoon Fund for our tropical get-away!

Pottery Barn
Honeymoon Fund


Sylvanside Farm Details

All wedding day events are right here on the farm! Please arrive at 4:15 or earlier and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. There is ample parking for guests or you can avail yourself of the shuttles from the hotels. The ceremony will be in the historic Stone Barn, the cocktail hour on the grassy area outside and around the pond. For the reception, we will wander across the gravel path to the Poplar Barn to toast, have dinner and dance the night away! There will be golf cart transportation for anyone who might have difficulty navigating the grass and gravel.

What is the dress code?

Semi formal - but keep the grass in mind! Sylvanside is a picturesque venue and a working farm with acres of land, a pond, meadows and gravel paths. Please consider your footwear carefully (no stiletto heels or you might find yourself stuck in the floor of the 200 year old barn!).

Are children invited?

Absolutely! Please just keep a careful eye on them as it is a working farm with a pond. Let us know on the RSVP if they want a special kids meal!

How do I get to Sylvanside?

There are several options! The easiest is to indicate on the RSVP that you would like to take advantage of the shuttles we will be providing from the hotels! There is plenty of parking, so if you choose to drive yourself, that works too! Sylvanside is out in the country, so the roads can be narrow and dark.

Be aware the Uber/Lyft cannot be counted on for transportation. This is a rural location where service is generally non-existent.


We are so looking forward to celebrating with you! If you have any questions, please contact us here:

Places to See

Welcome to the DMV!

We are so happy you are coming to join us! There are a multitude of things to do in here in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia). Many of our sights are free to enjoy. Here are a few suggestions, but we love to show off our region, so please don't hesitate to ask!

Getting Around

Safe and reliable public transportation is widely available to most places in the DMV, using Metro. The newly opened Metro Silver Line connects Dulles Airport to D.C., Virginia and Maryland. Since our traffic is notoriously bad, and parking downtown is difficult and expensive, our suggestion is to use Metro if possible!! It will take about an hour to ride Metro into DC and an hour to drive it.

DC: National Mall, Monuments & Museums

The most-visited National Park in the US is home to iconic monuments and memorials such as the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument. The Mall also is flanked by the popular Smithsonian museums, including
the National Zoo. All of the sights along the Mall, including the Smithsonian museums, are free to tour.

The Capitol Building is also free to tour but requires advance reservations. You can easily reserve tickets here.

The White House is also free to tour but you must get tickets at least 21 days in advance from your representative here.

Getting there: Hour ride via Metro rail or by car. Once at the Mall, it is easy to get around via Metro, taxi or Uber.

Loudoun County

Loudoun County (the location of the hotels and venue) is full of beautiful countryside, quaint towns, breweries, wineries and historical landmarks. Close to Cammy's heart, it is also the heart of Virginia's horse and hunt country! (Need a new saddle? You've come to the right place!) In fact, Virginia's premier horse racing event, the Gold Cup is being held this weekend! You will need a car to explore this area.

All equestrians who are attending will be visiting Middleburg for their many tack shops, but it is worthwhile for non-equestrians as well for its charming historical buildings, brick-lined streets, and local shopping. Lunch at the Red Fox Inn is a requirement when visiting Middleburg. The elegant Salamander Resort is also nearby.

Udvar-Hazy Aeronatutical Center

This FREE Smithsonian facility is a favorite of children and adults! Its hangars house thousands of aviation and space artefacts, including the Space Shuttle Discovery, Gemini VII space capsule, a Concorde, a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, the first Boeing 707 prototype, and the Boeing B-29 Enola Gay. Simulators and theatres provide breathtaking experiences without leaving the ground, while the museum’s observation tower allows visitors to watch planes landing at Dulles airport. Free admission, and parking is $15 per car.

Getting there without a car: From the hotel take the shuttle to Dulles Airport Ground Transportation Level, take Fairfax Connector No. 983 one stop to Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

Old Town Alexandria

Come visit the Cohen's stomping grounds! We love our little historic city on the Potomac. The King Street Mile and surrounding brick-lined sidewalks are studded with centuries-old architecture, historic attractions, restaurants and shopping. Visit Christ Church where George Washington worshipped and then pop down the Parkway to see his beloved Mount Vernon.

You can reach Old Town via Metro - get off at the King Street stop and start walking toward the river or take the free trolley.

Sporting Events

We have several sports teams with great stadiums if that is your jam! The Washington Nationals baseball team, DC United men's soccer and the Washington Spirit women's soccer team play during May at the Navy Yard. If we're really lucky, our Caps will be playing for the Stanley Cup!(All Metro accessible!)

Civil War Buff? Visit Manassas National Battlefield

About 30 minutes from the hotels is Manassas National Battlefield the site of two major battles during the Civil War. You will need a car to visit the Battlefield. Admission is free.

Farther Afield

If you are looking for adventure a bit farther afield, here are a few other suggestions:

Hike the Shenandoahs! One of our favorite activities! There are many trails for all levels and in the spring the waterfalls are flowing! Our personal favorite is Old Rag.

Annapolis, Maryland - the capitol of Maryland, home of the Naval Academy, and a great boating community on the Chesapeake Bay. (If you say pretty please, Kristen Berry might take you sailing!) (67 miles from Ashburn)

Harper's Ferry, West Virginia - This quaint 19th century town is designated a National Historic District by the National Register. The architecture of the houses and shops reflect the town's history as a transportation hub 1800 - 1860, a strategic location during the Civil War, a thriving industrial center based on water power in the late 1800s. The Harpers Ferry National Historic Park offers museums, events, and tours. The Appalachian Trail courses through town as its halfway mark between Georgia and Maine. (30 miles from Ashburn)

Charlottesville, Virginia This area boasts world-renowned historic sites such as the University of Virginia and Monticello, scenic parks and waterways for outdoor adventures, fun activities for families, vibrant arts and culture, great shopping spots, terrific restaurants. (110 miles from Ashburn)

Richmond, Virginia - Of course, our favorite is our home city! Richmond is the capitol of Virginia with a long history. Sitting on the banks of the James River there is plenty to see and do! We love the breweries in Scott's Addition, hanging out on Belle Isle, taking the Canal Walk, visiting the gardens at's a great time!



Purcellville is the closest town to the venue and is very cute! There are some terrific dining options here:

Magnolias at the Mill - a renovated grain mill turned restaurant

Monks BBQ - our favorite!

Market Burger, Fries & Shakes - you might see Jaclyn Smith (OG "Charlie's Angels") helping out since it is owned by her son!

Catoctin Creek Distilling - the first family owned distillery in Loudoun since before Prohibition. Has a fun tasting room!

One Loudoun

Staying at the hotels at One Loudoun? You have a vast array of restaurants to select from!!

Surrounding Areas

There are some fine dining establishments nearby too!